Friday, 11 July 2014

Cubism Episode #10: Something Old, Something New

Hello Everyone, we're back for episode 10! We have a great show lined up for you today, as we delve into all that is M15 as well as we explore another top 10 list that is sure to cause discussion. We basically discuss every card to talk about in what many say is the most exciting core set in years. We then discuss our top 8 which looks at the top 8 M set cards.

-Card Discussion
-Top 8

Here are all the cards we discuss on this weeks episode.

Act on Impulse
Aggressive Mining
Ajani Steadfast
Borderland Marauder
Chasm Skulk
Cruel Sadist
Ensoul Artifact
Garruk, Apex Predator
Generator Servant
Genesis Hydra
Goblin Rabblemaster
Hushwing Gryff
Jace, the Living Guildpact
Life's Legacy
Necromancer's Stockpile
Nissa, Worldwaker
Perilous Vault
Polymorphist's Jest
Reclamation Sage
Return to the Ranks
Scuttling Doom Engine
Soul Cycle
Stoke the Flames 
Uncommon 'Kird Ape' Cycle
Uncommon Lord Cycle
Waste Not

Then it's off to the top 8, and it is personally one of my favourite top 8's in a while, the top 8 M set cards, we value the cards not only on individual power but also the way they laid the foundation for other cards of that colour to follow.

So thanks again for listening, hope you have as good a time listening as we did recording it. Thanks guys and See you in two weeks!

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