Thursday, 26 June 2014

Cubism Episode #9: This Land Is Your Land - Featuring Tristian Shaun Gregson

  Hey guys back for episode 9! Austen and Aaron are joined by a very special guest Tristan Shaun Gregson and we delve into arguably the most important part of cube, Lands! We discuss basically everything there is to know about lands in your cube, involving what lands to include along with where to pick said lands in a draft.

-Getting to know TSG

-What lands to include in your cube and why

-How powerful lands are and where you should pick them

We start the episode off by interviewing TSG a bit and getting to know him and how he came to start cubing, and from what we learn, how he revolutionized the way people "cubed".

We then explore the different lands that you can include and how many lands to include in your cube.

Finally we discuss the power level of lands in relation to other cards and what their pick order is.

  Thanks Again for listening guys, if you have any comments or concerns do not hesitate to tweet at us, or comment on our facebook, page or even email us. Anything is welcome, including beaks. Thanks!
Check out Tristan Shaun Gregson on Twitter or his own podcast; The Magic Box

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