Friday, 25 July 2014

Cubism Episode #11: White Stripes

Hey Guys we're back for episode 11, and his week we're talking about all things white in cube. As well, we have another top 8 lined up for you, we also go over some of your best answers to the best cube story and we even recite some of our own favourite memories. Crack-a-pack also goes down, so sit back relax and enjoy this episode of Cubism!

-Best Cube Stories

-White Cube Breakdown
-Top 8
-Crack a Pack

We start out with some of the best cube stories you guys tweeted at us, and there were some good ones!

Then it is on to the meat of the episode, white in cube. We discuss everything from the philosophy in cube to what its best archetypes are and where it stands in relation to the other colours. We then take a look at some omissions from Aaron's cube that most cubes play as well as some cards that most cubes play that Aaron omits

The top 8 is next and this week it's a doozie, the top 8 white cards in cube. I'm sure you can guess most of them, but the order of some might surprise you.

Finally we crack a pack and take a look. Discussing what we'd pick and what we might wheel, we posted the pic on twitter and Facebook so feel free to take a look and tell us what you'd pick!

So thanks for listening guys, hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording and we'll see you in two weeks when we review the best colour, Blue,

Also shout-out to the Cancer Bats for our new intro, tell us what you think of it, we're in the process of changing our intro so if this is something you like let us know and if you don't like us feel free to beak us on social media.

So follow us on Twitter like us on Facebook or drop us a line! Happy Cubing!

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