Thursday, 29 May 2014

Cubism Episode #7: Crazy Train

  Hello! Back again for episode 7! This week we delve into all things wacky. Including conspiracy spoilers as well as different and crazy ways to draft cube as well as different types of cube in general. We then have a brand new top 8 lined up!

-Some crazy ways to draft and build cubes.
-Top 8 Conspiracy Cards for cube

  We begin by going over some different cube formats, such as back drafting, legacy cube, as well as the combo cube and some of their ins and outs what we like about each of them what we dislike and some different strategies when drafting each.

-Then it's on to what everyone's been waiting for, Conspiracy, we basically go over every conspiracy card of relevance and discuss its implications for cube and other formats.

-Then on to the top 8, we outline which cards we think are best suited to go into regular cubes and why.

Thank you again for listening it means a lot to us, please do not hesitate to contact us, tweet at us, like us on facebook or send us an email we promise we will respond as quickly as possible!

So thanks again and happy cubing!

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