Friday, 16 May 2014

Cubism Episode #5: Like A Rock

  Hey guys, we're back again for episode 5 and we have a pretty sweet show for you guys lined up. We outline our time at the GP, along with going over a few cube archetypes and how to properly draft them. We then come back to my favorite section, the top 8 of the week, and this week we delve into the best build around me cards for cube.

-Stories from Grand Prix Minneapolis
-4 cube archetype overviews
-Top 8 Build Around Me Cards

-So we start by outlining our time at GP Minneapolis, how Aaron did in the tournament, my time behind the vendor booth and some stories of Aaron's cube from the GP.

-Next we outline 4 cube archetypes and how to properly draft them, as well as the decks individual strengths and weakness' and their good and bad match ups.

-Then we work through another Top 8, and it's the Top 8 Build Around Me Cards. These are some of our favorite cards as well as being some of the most powerful individual cards in cube.

  So thanks again for listening, we appreciate any and all feedback so please let us know tweet at us comment on facebook send us emails whatever you wanna do please we appreciate it. We will be back next friday with a new episode and a new guest so stay tuned and thanks for listening!

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