Friday, 23 May 2014

Cubism Episode #6: New Kids on the Block

Hi Everybody,

  Episode 6 is live, myself and Aaron have a great show lined up for you this week, as we are joined by Manitoba's best Yu-Gi-Oh and DOTA 2 player Mike Jun-Dundas. This weeks episode goes over some challenges and obstacles people face when starting to get into cube, how to find cube groups or help building their first cubes. Basically a how to guide on how to start cubing.

-Introduce Mike, tells us how he got into cubing
-Some common obstacles associated with starting to play cube
-How to overcome those objections
-Some of the best decks for newer players to draft
-Tips for building your first cube

We introduce Mike, and he tells us all about how he got into cube, what he likes about it and some of the difficulties he had getting into cube. He tells us some good cube stories and maybe some of the things he did to make cube as fun as possible as fast as possible.

We then go over the most obvious objections people have when they try to get into cubing along with some easy ways to counter them and overcome them. And, the best ways of finding a group to cube with, so that you can learn to enjoy everyone's favorite format to the fullest.

Then, we outline some of the best decks to draft when you are just starting out, that give you the best chance to get your bearings and most likely 2-1. We also outline some cards that are maybe best left to the sideboard early on until you feel confidant casting them effectively.

Aaron then gives us all a lesson on how to first build a cube and some more cost efficient ways to maximize your cube experience without completely breaking the bank.

Well guys, thanks again for listening, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did making it, again all pertinent information is below and don't hesitate to contact us on any form of social media. Thanks again and happy cubing!
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