Thursday, 24 April 2014

Cubism Episode #3: Golddigger

  Hey guys, we're back! Our first episode in our new weekly episode format. This week we go over our excitement for this weeks prerelease and the new cards in Journey Into Nyx, along with a top 8 that ties in very closely with these spoilers. And, last but certainly not least we take a look at the man, the myth, the comic book lead, that is Dack Fayden.

-We journey into the complexity that is the gold slots of your cube and flesh out different options for gold slots, and the problem with the hybrid cards and how they mix and complicate the gold sections in cube.

-Journey Into Nyx, spoiler discussion is next and we cover them in basically the only way we know how, A TOP EIGHT! We cover the top 8 cards in Journey Into Nyx for cube, a disclaimer, (these are not the top 8 most powerful cards, or best cards for format x, or best cards for limited, this is strictly the top 8 cards for cube).

-We look at the rest of the mythics in Journey Into Nyx and what their future could hold as well as some honourable mentions in the set that would not be laughed out of most cubes.

-Finally, we tackle the over arching spoiler that was Dack, and how this new 3 mana planeswalker will shake up cube along with vintage and possibly even legacy.

  Thanks again for listening, if you liked the show, let us know, and if you didn't like the show, let us know, we are up for any comments you guys have and will do our best to respond.
Thanks again guys and we'll be back next week with another special guest where we might discuss a niche cube format unknown to most of the modern world.

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  1. Think they run ashen rider over angel of despair because it triggers twice for one more mana