Friday, 18 April 2014

Cubism Episode #2: Paint it Black

  Hello, hello, hello and welcome to episode 2 of Cubism, this week Hoey and Aaron are joined by recent PTQ winner Filip Roman. And we hopefully begin to hit our stride after a bit of a shaky start to episode 1.

-We start out with our intro and a brief overview of cube, we felt like we didn't do that justice last episode and this week we break down what it is, sizes, different types of Cubes, anything to do with cube, and we tried to cover it.

-We then delve into some of our favourite cube archetypes and an outline on how to draft them effectively and how to draft them so that you know the proper order in which to pick the different pieces so you aren't left missing out on the crucial elements to make your deck work effectively.

-Next, we enter into the top 8 most underrated cards, mine and Aaron's list differs slightly from Fil's but if you are at all familiar with Fil that won't be much of a surprise

-We conclude with shout outs a category that Aaron continually cares too little about but no worries, I make up for it with more than enough shootouts for all three of us!

  Well that concludes another episode thank you very much for listening and again feel free to comment on anything and we will try to answer back as soon as possible so for Aaron, I'm Hoey and we look forward to joining you again next Friday, for Cubism episode 3!

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