Friday, 4 April 2014

Cubism Episode #1: The Stone Temple Pilot

 Cubism Episode 1

 Hey guys, this is episode one, we start off by introducing ourselves and telling you why we wanted to start the show. We outline what most of our episodes will feature, from stories about cube, to ways to build cubes, to certain deck archetypes in cube, some of our pet peeves with cubes our favourite cards in cube, basically if it has anything to do with cube, we will or can cover it at some point in a future episode. We then discuss our top 8 of the week, this week it's the top 8 most overrated cards in cube, and we make strong cases as to maybe why you shouldn't draft them as often or as highly as you sometimes do, make sure you listen in, as number 1 is probably a very controversial pick. Thank you very much for giving us a listen, we will be recording and uploading every 2 weeks for the first couple episodes then once we gauge the popularity of the show we might be able to up the episodes to every week. We look forward to hearing from you guys again in two weeks where we will be talking more in depth about some of our favourite cube decks and how to draft them and we will be joined by a special guest from our cubing community here in Winnipeg. Thank You very much and I hope you enjoy the show!
Here is the Demonic Tutor discussion on Reddit:


  1. It was a little sketchy at first but when you got into the swing of things it was good.

    1. We were a little nervous at first. Got into the swing of things after about 20 minutes.