Friday, 17 October 2014

Cubism Episode #16: Who'll Be the Next in Line

Hello everyone and welcome back to our little corner of the multiverse. Episode #16 coming at you with help from Fusion gaming and this week we are joined by our good friend and cube community member Drew.

And this week we relieve memories of cads gone by, good and bad, as we discuss the topic of the "On Deck" Binder. Apparently most cube builders have one. It serves as a place for pet cards and recent cube cuts to lay dormant waiting for their owner to try out a stax package, or to put storm back in. And the three of us take a look at Drew's said binder. 

His might be one of the nicest with many alters and foreign foils to feast your eyes on. Pictures are at the bottom. This is more of a trip down memory lane for us and possibly you at home as we discuss cube relics of a lost time, and sacred cows that maybe some people can't admit to being actually bad. 

So kick back and relax with us, as we delve into Magic's toy box and remember the good old days.

So Thanks again for listening all our information is below so check that out, and check out Fusion Gaming there info is also below, for all of your Magic needs! Thanks again and Cya next time!
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