Friday, 3 October 2014

Cubism Episode #15: Black Betty

Hey Guys we're back with episode 15 of Cubism sponsored by Fusion Gaming, and this week we're looking at what many call the worst colour in cube, Black. In terms of raw power black has some of the best cards in cube, reanimate, necropotence, thoughtseize, liliana, but in the overall scope of things black is a little shallow and we bring that to the forefront discussing that ad nauseum.

-Black Overview
-Black Archetypes
-What other Colours Do To Compliment Black
-Black Cards We Play That Others Don't
-Black Cards We Don't Play That Others Do

We go over the main points of black and what it does to the cube and what its iconic cards are as well as why we believe black to be the worst colour in cube.

Then its on to the black specific archetypes that wouldn't exist without black, from mono black control to mid-range and aggro black certainly "tries" to do it all.

Then we glance over what each other colour does to compliment black and what decks they form together as a guild.

Then it's on to cards we play that most lists don't and vice versa.

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Thanks again guys and happy cubing!

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