Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Cubism Episode #4: Just The Two Of Us

  Hey everybody we're back for episode 4 after a little bit of a break, and this week we are joined by none other than Nathan McGillivray, one of our very good friend and 2's cube enthusiast. And, that is what this weeks episode is all about, a mythical niche cube format known by Winnipeggers simply as 2's. We delve deep into everything the format has to offer, in a episode that we hope you guys will really like.

- We start off by looking at the history of the format, which is shrouded in mystery but from what we can tell, the owners of Fusion gaming here in Winnipeg Jason Howden and Richard Dong, both contributed to the introduction of this format to the barren wasteland that is Manitoba, unfortunately, our stories were a little crossed while on air and we did not give Rich the credit he deserved in terms of bringing the format to Winnipeg, so for that Rich we are sorry. Nathan then explains his theory and philosophy on cube and why he enjoys the format so much.

- We then examine the rules and etiquette of the format and go into some of the more interesting ways it is different and similar to some more known formats, such as regular 1's cube and 2 headed giant. Nathan also has a passage on the rules of 2's in this cube tutor profile so be sure to check that out after the episode.

- Then it is on to the good stuff, we look at what makes 2's such a fun and interesting format, complete with crazy intricate board states, complex interactions, and unnatural gameplay. We also outline which cards are all-stars in 2's and which cards lose a lot of value when compared to their abilities in 1's.

  Well thanks again for listening guys, we really appreciate it, and please give 2's a try, take it from anybody here in Winnipeg the format is a blast and creates game states and board states that you just cannot create in regular magic. So please if you do give it a chance let us know what you think, follow us on twitter like us on facebook and look for us on reddit. Also myself and Aaron will be at GP Minneapolis this weekend so be sure to come say hi, Aaron will be wearing our new cubism shirts and I will be working at The Fusion Gaming booth. So don't be shy come and chat about anything, I can't speak for Aaron but I'll basically talk about anything magic or sports related so feel free, we're pretty friendly.
 Link's to other 2's cube information:

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