Thursday, 26 February 2015

Cubism Episode #25: Overrated

Hello! everyone, and welcome to episode 25 of Cubism. This week we have the unveiling of our super special ultra fantastic CubeVault give away. Along with discussion involving various cube topics from around the net.
First we look at some overrated cards in cube and whether or not we think they deserve that label. We then delve into cube storage options, the power level of non-powered cubes and where to draw the line. And finally with the un banning of Golgari Grave Troll we ponder if dredge is a viable option in cube.

But now on to the exciting part. The contest. We have hyped it up for long enough, so what you need to do to enter the contest for a custom cubevault direct from cubevault inventor Jason Murray is tweet at us, write on our Facebook wall or email us:

"Your Best Cube Story"

We will choose a list of finalists and announce them on the 9th of March, then unveil the winner of the contest on the air during episode 26. Some Tips when submitting your story.
-Keep it short and sweet
-Props for funny
-Props for originality
-No Humble brags
-No Rub ins

So Have Fun and Good Luck to all make sure you tell your friends and we will post a picture of the cube vault when we get one! 

Limit one submission per person, your first time stamped submission will be used.

Thanks again to Fusion and Cube Vault for helping us out!

Other things we mentioned in the show:

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