Friday, 5 December 2014

Cubism Episode #19: Green Day

Hey everyone we're back for episode 19, and this week its all about green.
One of the more fair colours in cube, and we break it down through archetypes and its more powerful cards.

We go through all of the archetypes in green from ramp, to mid range and aggro along with the more niche strategies like pod and natural order and tooth and nail.

Discussion of what the other colours add to cube is next, and what archetype those combinations create.

Finally we're talking about some more niche cards that we play such as Pellaka Wurm and why we don't play some of the other cards that most lists play. Cough Fyndhorn Elves Cough.

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So for Aaron I'm Austen and happy cubing.
Thanks again to Fusion Gaming and Cube Vault for helping us out! 

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