Friday, 5 September 2014

Cubism Episode #13: Behind Blue Eyes

Hello and Welcome, to episode 13 of Cubism, we're back after an extended leave of absence as Austen's throat was ravaged for a few weeks. So we have a big show this week talking about everyone's favourite colour blue. We discuss all the cube archetypes blue brings to the table then what each other colour does to compliment blue then some cards we play that other lists don't and cards we don't play that other lists do. Then the top 8 blue cards in cube. Which is a list I'm sure will be hotly contested.

-Blue overview
-Blue archetypes
-What each other colour brings to blue
-Blue cards we don't play
-Blue cards we play
-Top 8 Blue cards in cube

So first we look at the main overview of blue in cube what it does best what it doesn't do the best. Our favourite cards cards we don't like. Basically our general thoughts on blue.

We then discuss the main archetypes in blue for cube from straight control to tempo to combo, basically every archetype possible we try and cover it, even our new favourite archetype, Mono Blue Devotion.

We then discuss what each other colour brings to blue decks and what other colours to to compliment blue.

Discussion continues on cards that typical cubes play that we do and vice versa.

Then it is off to the top 8 where we create a list of the top 8 blue cards in cube which is a list that will most likely be hotly contested.

So thanks for listening guys. We are back on our regular schedule. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below or contact us on any of our platforms.

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